enhance trade of precious metals

we love
creating relationships

OUR strategy

The cornerstone of all that we do at AAI is Relationships. Our goal with each partner or customer
is to build a long-term relationship that is focused on their best interest. We strive to earn your trust through honest communication. 
We believe that in order to serve you well, we must know you well.

precious metals

We have several partnerships and Agreement in place with Mines, Traders Co. and Preciuous Minerals experts. We are able to provide, 
from grains, ingots and bullion, 
the Q&Q requested by our Customers.

oil & gas

Strategic Commodities, to handle with care. There are specific procedures to engage this business and it is not like to go to the Supermarket. Reason why, our Partners are reliable and we are both sure, once the business start, everything will perform.


AAI is part of a large group of companies that operate in other sectors and markets: construction, real estate, agrofood, precious stones, etc.
Contact us with serenity: we will be able to give you the right answer.


Our way of doing business is very clear and straight

Submit your request

Please understand that we don't run a Store, so our customers don't sell (or buy) with a price list. We develop your needs together with you, so we can find a global and satisfactory solution.

knowledge base

We know a lot, but we are always available to know more ... Building a business relationship with Us is completely different from asking us for a simple offer.

Process management

Advisory is more than just providing a price. Relations, logistics, shipping, packaging, regulations, certificates, banking services are all parts of our advice. Managing them, is our specialty.

Everything under control

Most of the time closing a deal takes time, but it's the details that make it perfect. Take your time in the beginning and don't rush.
Everything will be perfect !